A whistleblower service as part of the organisation’s systematic work improvement management

A whistleblower service should not only focus on identifying misconduct and violations. It can also be a good platform to promote improvement work within the organisation. Trust&heart’s whistleblower service also includes the option to, via a very high level of IT security, submit proposals for improvement in the organisation. The high level of information security ensures that these proposals are protected without risks of intrusion by those without authorisation.


A whistleblower service is part of the organisation’s work environment managment

A whistleblower service should be part of an organisation’s systematic work environment management. Trust&heart’s whistleblower service can offer a solution that is easily added to an organisation’s existing work environment management.


”A trustworthy and serious management of conflicts, misconduct and harassment is a crucial part of a well functioning psychosocial work environment. Correctly handled these processes strenghtens the preventive work enviroment management” 

Robert Persson Asplund, Chief psychologist, researcher, organisational consultant