Our background

Human&heart was founded in 2017 and is one of the leading companies in Sweden when it comes to workplace investigations. Trust&heart is, since 2021, a new field of business within Human&heart. The name Trust&heart was chosen to illustrate the importance of whistleblower services being characterised by trust, both for the one doing the reporting as well as the individual being accused and the organisation using this service.

Our ambition is to be the safest, most legally certain and information secure whistleblower service in Europe.



A whistleblower service that ensures safety for all.

The whistleblower service has been developed through close collaboration with the company healthcare organisation Avonova and the lawfirm Glimstedt. Consid AB, one of the leading companies in the Nordic region within their area of business, is reponsible for the technical platform. This joint cooperation has meant that all important aspects of a whistleblower service have been considered. By focusing on work environment factors and giving employees the opportunity to also submit proposals for improvement, this service is broadened to not only focus on misconduct but in addition is for the service to be the absolute safest, most legally certain and information secure whistleblower service in Europe.       

The service is developed by experts from multidisciplinary backgrounds with the aim of being able to offer a comprehensive solution focusing on safety and legal certainty for all involved parties.

  • Human&heart HR AB – is in charge of the whistleblower service but collaborates with some of the strongest performers in the market within their fields.
  • Avonova Hälsa AB – to ensure the systematic work environment management and safety for employees.
  • Advokatfirman Glimstedt Dalarna AB – to assist with professional investigation support and guidance.
  • Consid AB – to be able to offer the safest and most information secure whistleblower service in the market.


Human&heart and the global goals for substainable development

We have analysed which of the UN:s global goals for sustainable development we have the opportunity to contribute to.



  • Subsidiary goal  5.1
    We work consistently to increase equality and stop discrimination in the workplace. We have an equal proportion of men and women in managerial positions.

  • Subsidiary goal 10.3
    Ensure equal rights for all and eliminate discrimination. We work to ensure equal opportunities and to stop discrimination.

  • Subsidiary goal  16.5
    We proactively work to eliminate all forms of corruption and bribery, both among employees but also among suppliers and customers. This is our way to contribute to a peaceful and including society.