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Whistleblower service

Make sure that you use the safest and most legally certain reporting system on the market.

Our service is user friendly, legally certain and offers the highest level of information security. With a simple and fast implementation the service is designed to be a natural part of the system to improve the workplace environment. 

  • Anonymous reporting
  • Legally certain investigation
  • Licensed investigators in RUM (legally secure investigation methodology for worklife)

Our offer

Our ambition is to be the safest, most legally certain and information secure whistleblower service in Europe.

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The service is developed by experts from multidisciplinary backgrounds with the aim of being able to offer a comprehensive solution focusing on safety and legal certainty for all involved parties.

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Information security and legally certain

Trust&heart’s system protects both the whistleblower and the individual being alleged of misconduct/violations.

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”A trustworthy and serious management of conflicts, misconduct and harassment is a crucial part of a well functioning psychosocial work environment. Correctly handled these processes strenghtens the preventive work enviroment management”

Robert Persson Asplund

Chief psychologist, researcher, organisational consultant



”We are proud to have been entrusted, together with some of Sweden's leading players in their respective fields, to develop a legally secure and safe whistleblower service together with Human&heart. Both the whistleblower and the client who orders the service must feel confident that the information does not end up in the wrong hands. ”

Peter Hellgren


”I have, in too high a degree, seen investigations within worklife that are legally uncertain where both the accused and the accuser have not been able to be part of the investigative process in a way that is needed for it to be considered ”fair trial”. At Glimstedt we are therefore positive about collaborating in the development of a legally certain and safe whistleblower service. For the organisations who, as an added service, choose to investigate incoming reports by using the method RUM (Legally certain investigative method for working life) there are good pre-requisites to ensure a legally certain process for all parties.”

Cecilia Malm

Lawyer and one of the authors of RUM 




"Our ambition is to be the safest, most legally certain and information secure whistleblower service in Europe."

Andreas Pernhall





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