Investigation methodology

The need for a legally certain and safe whistleblower service is significant

Human&heart is a company specialised in investigating all types of matters concerning work life. The investigations we conduct can involve serious cases of suspected corruption, misconduct or harassment. They may also concern shedding light on an organisational model or conducting an analysis of an organisation. All investigations are conducted by using the protected trademark method RUM® (Legally certain investigative method for working life) that aims to ensure legal certainty and safety for all involved parties.


I have, in too high a degree, seen investigations within worklife that are legally uncertain where both the accused and the accuser have not been able to be part of the investigative process in a way that is needed for it to be considered ”fair trial”. At Glimstedt we are therefore positive about to collaborate in the development of a legally certain and safe whistleblower service. For the organisations who, as an added service, choose to investigate incoming reports by using the method RUM (Legally certain investigative method for working life) there are good pre-requsites to ensure a legally certain process for all parties.

Cecilia Malm, Lawyer